NÚV Consultation Centre

All questions concerning the educational process or particular questions about the school life are answered by the employees of the NÚV Consultation Centre.

All individuals can use an on-line form, ask their questions over the phone in given consultation hours or make an appointment directly in the National Institute for Education located at the following address Weilova 1271/6, Praha 10.

Questions for the NÚV Consultation Centre concern not only the educational process, but practically all areas covering the regular school life. NÚV employees are contacted by pedagogical staff, parents of pupils, and students of faculties preparing future teachers, workers of educational facilities and further experts and members of the general public.

They can ask the question by filling out an on-line form. All submitted questions are in most cases answered within three days. The individuals are informed via an email when it takes more time to answer complicated and complex questions that have to be consulted with experts outside NÚV (for example representatives of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports or further institutions). The general public can obtain answers over the telephone in given consultation hours or in personal consultation that has to be pre-arranged and take place in the NÚV.