Areas of school quality

1. Conditions for learning

1.1 Demographic

1.2 Personal

1.3 Safety and hygiene

1.4 Economic

1.5 Material


2. The content and process of education

2.1 Educational program

2.2 Planning of lessons

2.3 Supporting educational materials

2.4 Realization of teaching

2.5 Extra-curricular activities


3. School support for pupils, cooperation with parents, influence of mutual relations of the school, pupils, parents and others on education

3.1 School climate

3.2 System of school support for pupils

3.3 Taking individual student needs into consideration

3.4 Cooperation with parents

3.5 Cooperation with professional institutions and school authority


4. Learning outcomes of students

4.1 Knowledge and skills

4.2 Key competencies

4.3 Attitudes

4.4 Motivation

4.5 Success rate of graduates


5. School management, quality of personnel work, quality of further education of teachers

5.1 Strategic management

5.2 Organizational school management

5.3 Educational school management

5.4 Professionalism and human resource development

5.5 School partnerships and external relations


6. The level of work done in schools, especially with regard to the conditions of education and economic resources

6.1. Quantitative Analysis

6.2. Qualitative Analysis

Besides the tools associated herein, which provide indicators of quality in specific areas, tools are produced that cover several areas at once. These include:

  • framework school self-assessment covers all areas and sub-areas
  • surveys for parents may cover all areas and sub-areas from the perspective of parents.

These tools of quantitative nature, whose main goal is to provide reliable information about the current situation, are supplemented with qualitative tools that help to start (Good School - Prioritizing  Tool for Schools) or support (Anticipation and Analysis of People’s  Expected Reactions to Change) certain processes important for school self-assessment.

Evaluation tools will gradually be available on the user's site of evaluation tools. There you will find a description of the main features of the user’s portal.

We believe that every school according to its needs and based on experience with the processes of self evaluation will find tools that can be beneficial to it.