4th Issue of the Bulletin "On the Road to Quality"

In the fourth issue of the bulletin On the Road to Quality, we addressed another phase of self-evaluation - processing data and information, analyzing results and interpretation thereof. This theme appears in a number of articles; you can read, for example, about how a school can best exploit the data collected. We also contemplate the fact that when interpreting data we work not only with the data, but also with people, and what the results might mean. We will also offer you practical examples of evaluation and interpretation of data. We also deal with the issue of legislative changes and what new is happening in some activities of the project - now we have focused on the work of self-evaluation consultants who have worked directly in schools since November 2010. We will invite you to workshops in the upcoming school year as well as to our final conference. Last but not least, we will offer you an evaluation tool called Surveys for parents, pupils and teachers.

Bulletin_4_On_the_road_to_quality.pdf Bulletin 4 "On the road to quality" (2.78 MB)

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