3rd Issue of the Bulletin "On the Road to Quality"

In the third issue of the On the road to Quality bulletin, we focused on the choice of tools, methods and techniques. This theme goes through many contributions and you will learn for example how is it possible to approach the gathering of information, what are the advantages and pitfalls of the most often used methods and how to choose the methods. We will think about what the testing of the results of pupils‘ education could and couldn’t bring us and what are its dangers. We will also deal with the question of how to recognize the quality of evaluation tools and think about what would the change of legislation in the area of self/evaluation, which is being prepared, mean. We will have opportunity to read more interesting articles about the activities we offer you and the experience of your colleagues in the area of self-evaluation. And last but not least – we offer you a unique tool – the framework for the self-evaluation of school.

Bulletin_3_On_the_road_to_Quality.pdf Bulletin 3 "On the road to Quality" (2.78 MB)

Annex_3.pdf Annex 3 (1.76 MB)